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Number Recognition

Now that the weather is nice my goal is to do as many outside learning activities as possible.


This is a cheap and easy gross motor number recognition activity.

All you need is some sidewalk chalk and large die (we got ours at the dollar store)

I wrote numbers 1-6 on the sidewalk and made a start line.



Each kid took a turn rolling the die and they had to say out loud what number it was. I would call out a gross motor movement (running, skipping, hop on one leg, bear crawl, crab crawl etc) they had to do that movement to the correct number.

so they roll a 6 they would bear crawl to the number 6



This was really easy for Brooklynn and it was a little over Bodie’s head but it was a great way to practice numbers and introduce Bodie to them.

To make this a little harder you can add a second die so they have to add the numbers together and then do the gross motor movement to the corresponding number.



Outside Learning

It was finally nice enough to be outside without multiple layers on and without our hands freezing! This was the perfect opportunity to practice some shapes while getting to play outside.

I grabbed some rocks laying around and drew shapes on them with a sharpie (we did heart, circle, rectangle, and triangle.)

I drew the same shapes fairly large on the sidewalk with chalk. Brooklynn had to sort the  rocks by shape. She had a friend over while we did this, so they took turns and had to say which shape they picked up. This took me maybe 10 minutes to set up. It took me longer to find the rocks than it did to actually draw all the shapes.


Obviously you can add more shapes, which we will do once we collect more rocks(now I need to master drawing a hexagon).

Tip: Look for smooth rocks, they were much easier to draw on and the shape showed up better.




St. Patricks Day Activities

We started off the month of March with some easy to put together activities.

The first one is my favorite because it can be used over and over throughout the month. I cut out some shamrocks and a couple black pots. I wrote numbers on them that I knew would be more difficult for Brooklynn. I bought some gold coins at The Dollar Store and BOOM! You have the easiest counting activity!


I have been trying to incorporate patterns each week. This week I just cut out shamrocks and had her make a pattern. Once she showed me the pattern she had to glue them onto a paper. It was too easy for her, I think it’s time we do patterns with 3 colors now.


This activity was waaay too easy for her but it was more of a transitional activity while I got a messy activity set up. This is great if you have a child who is learning colors. I drew 3 different colors on a paper (could do more) and cut out the same colored shamrocks. She had to color sort the shamrocks to the corresponding circle.


This last one she had a lot of fun with. I watered down some glue in a container so she could “paint” with it. I gave her a white shamrock, green paper (we used construction paper and scrapbook paper) as well as foam stickers and let her get creative with the shamrock.

*Note: we used thin paper for the white shamrock. I would suggest something more like cardstock.

The finished product