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Fall Activities

I had a few people message me on Instagram asking about the candy corn activity I posted in my story, so I thought I would make a quick and easy post about it.


My kids loved this shape hunt (duh, candy corn was involved)! I drew shapes on a piece of paper for each kid. Bodie is two so I gave him some of the more simple shapes. Brooklynn’s was a but trickier, I even added a quatrefoil (I didn’t know this shape until I had kids, yikes!)

I called out a shape and they had to look for it on their paper and place a candy corn inside it. Once all their shapes were filled they got to eat the candy corn.


For the next activity Bodie had to “trace” the letter B with candy corn. Brooklynn’s was much harder. I have recently introduced addition to her so this was the perfect way to incorporate some adding! I wrote really simple addition problems on a paper. She had to add with the candy corn. I only did 3 problems so she wouldn’t get overwhelmed, she did great!

Both kids asked to do it again, guess I better buy more candy corn!




I have to share one more thing we did today! This was the easiest activity and has nothing to do with candy corn but it is sooo simple and the kids had fun.

We went on a walk and collected leaves that were on the ground. When we got home we made leaf monsters. All you need is leaves, eyeballs and glue!



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Painting Shells

I have been seriously MIA for awhile!! We moved 4.5 hours across the state and then were homeless for 18 days (We have pretty awesome friends that let us have their spare room for those days). Then we were on vacation for a week! Finally, here we are all settled in Roseburg, Oregon!

Part of our week long vacation we were at the beach. I had the kids help me collect sea shells because I had been wanting to paint the shells with the kids. We had a difficult time find larger shells so we also gathered some driftwood.

Over a week later we finally got to this activity, and the kids LOVED it!

We did this outside because I knew a large mess would be made. As soon as Bodie mixed his water and paint allllll over the table I knew I made the right decision to do this outside, next to the pool! 🙂

All you need is some paint (we used acrylic paint so it wont wash off as easy), paint brushes, and shells and driftwood!

Another CHEAP activity that kept the kids entertained for awhile.


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Number Recognition

Now that the weather is nice my goal is to do as many outside learning activities as possible.


This is a cheap and easy gross motor number recognition activity.

All you need is some sidewalk chalk and large die (we got ours at the dollar store)

I wrote numbers 1-6 on the sidewalk and made a start line.



Each kid took a turn rolling the die and they had to say out loud what number it was. I would call out a gross motor movement (running, skipping, hop on one leg, bear crawl, crab crawl etc) they had to do that movement to the correct number.

so they roll a 6 they would bear crawl to the number 6



This was really easy for Brooklynn and it was a little over Bodie’s head but it was a great way to practice numbers and introduce Bodie to them.

To make this a little harder you can add a second die so they have to add the numbers together and then do the gross motor movement to the corresponding number.


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DIY Drums


img_7200I have been taking my kids to music class once a week for awhile now. Music class is always a hit and very interactive for both of them. Brooklynn has been talking about drums lately. At church she loves watching the drummer and said “he can teach me”. Since this is something she is showing interest in I thought we could make our own.

Supplies: smaller can (we used a 10 oz espresso can)


Paint brushes

Rubber band





After painting the can and letting it dry, cut off the tip of the balloon. You are going to have to really stretch the balloon, and I will be honest, getting the balloon over the can is a giant pain in the butt! We made two different drums, the drum that had the balloon on tighter made a better sound. So get the balloon as tight as you can! On one of the drums we used a rubber band to keep the balloon in place. For some reason the other drum didn’t seem to need it so we skipped it.



We took it a step further and used other items on the drums (pencils, spoon etc) and listened to the different sounds it made and we talked about it.

We have used these drums for a day now and they hold up well, until a pencil gets stabbed through the balloon!!


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I’m Back!

It has been quite some time since I have written a post. I first started this blog when I was pregnant with my second child and wanted to share craft ideas and recipes and the trials and triumphs of motherhood. Fast forward a couple years and I want to get back into blogging. I am using this as a creative outlet and I will be sharing fun activities to do with your kids and maybe a product review thrown in here or there.

My sweet husband and two babies. Brooklynn (3) and Bodie (16 months)


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