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Cardboard Painting

Another simple activity..

Usually when we paint with kids we only use paper and sometimes an easel. I wanted to change things up so we used large pieces of cardboard.

I used two large pieces of cardboard (one for each kid) and gave them paint and paint brushes to start with. After they had been painting for a few minutes I pulled out some “trash” (we used toilet paper rolls cut in half, a dryer sheet, lids to old bottles and a plastic spoon). I let them get creative and use these objects to paint however they wanted. Brooklynn and I talked about the shapes we can make with some of the items (for example the toilet paper roll made an oval and the jar lid made a circle).



This was a fun way to spice up painting and let them really get creative.


I knew my kids would be covered in paint, so I put them in swim suits so that they could just jump in the pool right after to wash off. Easy clean up!

Cleaning off the paint in the pool is much more fun than a bath

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