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Paper Mache Eggs

The super messy activity I hinted at last week…this is it!

We have been working on this on and off for 5 days. It is by far the messiest activity we have done and Brooklynn loved it!

Paper Mache Recipe:

2 cups of water

1 cup of flour


THAT’S IT! (this recipe made 2 eggs)


I cut strips of newspaper and Brooklynn dipped them in the flour mixture and placed them on the balloon. I found that strips about 1 inch wide and 10 inches long worked the best. Cover the entire balloon with strips of newspaper THREE times.

Try to get the newspaper on the egg as smooth as possible. The pink egg I let Brooklynn take charge of. The newspaper was a little crinkled which caused bumps in the dry egg. Brooklynn is proud of her work (as am I), but if you are looking for an even, rounded  egg, definitely make sure all pieces are placed on as smooth as possible.

It took our eggs over 24 hours to dry, but I think that’s because Brooklynn was putting very wet pieces on the balloons instead of letting some of it drip off.

Tip: cover the part of the balloon that you blow into (you can see we didn’t) the end result would have been better if we put the newspaper over it.


After letting the balloon egg completely dry, paint the entire thing white. We did this so that we were able to start our decorating with a clean blank canvas.



Once the white paint dries use your choice in paints and whatever else you want to use and let the kids create!

Brooklynn and Bodie started with paint brushes but soon ditched the brushes for their hands and I think their eggs turned out awesome. Brooklynn added some glitter to hers (you could also add puff balls, buttons, etc)



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