Learning Letters and Melting Ice

Yesterday we took our activity outside again! I had froze containers of water and placed beads that have letters on them inside the containers as well as a couple necklaces to add some color.

I took the ice and placed it in a larger tub with a small amount of warm water in the bottom. I gave the kids small containers of warm water and let them poor it over the ice and watch the beads slowly start to fall out. We talked about the different states of water and how it can be liquid or solid and what happens when it gets warm or really cold.

The kids favorite part was collecting the beads as they came out of the ice. The kids had to say what letters they had and then we would talk about what words started with those letters.

I suggest doing this on a warm summer day! It was in the 50’s here and the kids got chilly playing with the ice.

We finished this activity by making bracelets with pipecleaner and the beads. They had to say the letter on the bead as they placed it on the pipecleaner. When the bracelet was finished we said each letter sound. IMG_7618




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