We have spent the last week reading monster books and doing monster activities so I wanted to share some of the fun things we have done. Here are some of the books we read. Go Away Big Green Monster was our favorite!


We made monsters our of toilet paper rolls; super easy!

Toilet paper roll, oil pastels, eyeballs, glue, yarn, and pre cut mouths.ย 

We also made play dough monsters. I just put all the supplies out and let the kids get creative.

The goal of the next activity was to practice counting. Brooklynn chose 2 eyeballs for both monsters, so we didn’t get to practice very much. But this is a great way to incorporate math!


Is it just me or does the orange monster look exactly like a BERGEN?

We finished off the week with something we have never tried before. We made monsters from soap, yes SOAP!

We took just a regular bar of soap


We placed it on a plate in the microwave for 1 minutes and 3o seconds. It was fun to watch it grow in the microwave and come out looking like this:



It was warm, but surprisingly not too hot for little fingers to touch. We broke it into 3 pieces. She was able to mold it into the shapes she wanted. I let her get creative and use feathers, pipe cleaner, and eyeballs. The pipe cleaner and feathers were easy to stick in and stayed put. However, the eyeballs were a bit more tricky and required help. When the monsters cool they harden back up which makes for a cool monster keep sake.



We tried painting the monsters. I would suggest finishing the monsters and letting them cool and THEN paint them. We made the mistake of painting them while they were warm which took awhile so the soap started to cool and then it was hard to put eye balls on the monsters.



Our next sensory bin activity

We discovered that once the soap cools you can crumble it into a fine powder.Brooklynn spent more time playing in the soap mess than she did making monsters. It would take a lot of bars of soap, but it would be perfect in a sensory bin!


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