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DIY Drums


img_7200I have been taking my kids to music class once a week for awhile now. Music class is always a hit and very interactive for both of them. Brooklynn has been talking about drums lately. At church she loves watching the drummer and said “he can teach me”. Since this is something she is showing interest in I thought we could make our own.

Supplies: smaller can (we used a 10 oz espresso can)


Paint brushes

Rubber band





After painting the can and letting it dry, cut off the tip of the balloon. You are going to have to really stretch the balloon, and I will be honest, getting the balloon over the can is a giant pain in the butt! We made two different drums, the drum that had the balloon on tighter made a better sound. So get the balloon as tight as you can! On one of the drums we used a rubber band to keep the balloon in place. For some reason the other drum didn’t seem to need it so we skipped it.



We took it a step further and used other items on the drums (pencils, spoon etc) and listened to the different sounds it made and we talked about it.

We have used these drums for a day now and they hold up well, until a pencil gets stabbed through the balloon!!



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