Nursery inspiration

One of my favorite things to do while waiting for Brooklynn to arrive was putting her nursery together. I’ll admit I had no idea where to start. But I found a bedding set I like (and hubby approved) and I went from there.




Surprisingly I found the crib at Walmart. I bought the bedding from pottery  barn, yes it was a little spendy but watch for sales! The letter B I bought at Michaels and bought paint from Michaels as well.


The puff balls in the corner I made out of  tissue paper from the dollar store, super cheap!  (I’ll post a tutorial later)

The headband holder I made as well. I bought a picture frame from Michaels (I suggest you find a cheap one at a garage sale if possible). I bought the ribbon from Michaels and the question mark shaped hooks. I took off the glass and back of the picture frame and painted it pink. I screwed the question mark shaped hooks to the bottom and one on each side (I painted these as well). I used a staple gun on the back of the picture frame to attach the ribbon. Easy!


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